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Foundational Exercise 1

pineal – hara

This exercise aims at coordinating the pineal chakra, located in the centre of the head, with the hara chakra, which is located in the centre of the lower belly. Together these two chakras reflect the balance between intuition and instinct, awareness and spontaneity.

The exercise begins with an inbreath, where energy and attention are moved from the pineal chakra in the centre of the head in a straight line down through the body to the hara chakra in the lower belly, a few centimeters below the belly button and in the middle of the body. With the outbreath, energy and attention are moved in the opposite direction, from hara to the pineal chakra. With the next inbreath, the exercise begins again where it started.

Breathe in a relaxed and uncontrived rhythm for about five minutes.

Before you start the exercise:

Find a peaceful place to sit comfortably in a chair or on a cushion on the floor. Take a moment to sense your body, your breathing. Let the mind gently settle and prepare yourself to begin the exercise.
End your exercise by focusing your attention on your whole body and get a sense of how it feels to be present right now, this very moment.

Breathe in a relaxed and uncontrived rhythm for about five minutes.

Variation of the exercise:

If pressure builds up in your head (physical pressure, too many thoughts, a feeling of discomfort in your head) this exercise can be done as follows:

Pineal-hara: breathe in from the pineal chakra to the hara chakra and breathe out while your attention remains in the hara chakra.


The five foundational exercises move or circulate respiratory energy along specific pathways in the body. Four of the exercises use a traditional mapping of energies in the body, while one exercise uses two channels described in traditional Chinese medicine.

Four of the exercises were formulated in this form by Jes Bertelsen, while the pineal-solar plexus-throat exercise stems from Bob Moore’s teachings. The exercises have been used in the past fourty years by literally thousands of people in connection with teachings at the Vaekstcenter.

The full programme of exercises is normally done in the following order: 1) pineal—hara, 2) crown—root, 3) pineal—solar plexus—throat (also called the double C), 4) the yin-yang circulation, and 5) essence—heart. For a beginner it is possible for a period of time to train only two of the exercises: 1) pineal—hara, and 2) essence—heart. If one wishes to add just one more exercise, one can use 1) pineal—hara, 2) yin-yang circulation, and 3) essence—heart.